Air Canada Airbus A340-300
Finally, An Airbus A340-300 Owned By Air Canada. It Has Interiors And A Cockpit. It Has General Electric/Snecma GE CFM56-5C Engines Which Are Also Used On The Airbus A320 Family And The Boeing 737 Family. They Were Bought By Air Canada In 1995. Special Thanks To: WilliamT For The Fuselage, And -Nix15- For The Interiors, And Last But Not Least, Jose For The Airbus A340-300 Cockpit. So Please, Dont Hesitate To Rate My Models! Enjoy! To All You Wonderful People Out There, Thank You For Your Kind Ratings On My Previous Models! "UPDATE (That I Should Of Done A Long Long Time Ago!!!!!!!) *RETIRED UNITS* 1995-2008" #Air_Canada #Airbus #Airbus_A330300 #General_Electric #General_Electric_GE_CFM56 #Tooth_Paste_Blue_Livery
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