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Runway disaster

Runway disaster

Nick B.
On the morning of June 27 2012, a horrible disaster occured at Hartsfield Jackson airport. Here are actual recorded transmissions between ATC and the pilots. * ATC: American Airlines 1254 hold short of 27 L *AA: Will hold short *KLM: KLM 342 requesting clearance for takeoff IFR *ATC: KLM 42 permission to take off IFR, maintain runway heading, climb to 11,000 *KLM: roger *AA pilot: Hey look at that luggage worker over there, she's real pretty isn't she? *copilot: pay attention dude *pilot: no look at her *ATC: American Airlines hold short *copilot: hold short dude *pilot: what? *copilot: STOP! *ATC: American Airlines get off the runway!!! *KLM pilot: What the **** that idiots on the runway!!! *copilot: pull up pull up! *pilot: Im trying! *ATC: American Airlines get off the runway!!!!! *AA copilot get off the runway dude!!!!! *pilot: What the heck do you think im doing!? *copilot: that 747's gonna ram into us!!!!!!! *KLM pilot: WERE GONNA DIE AHHHH!!! No more transmissions were recieved, everyone on board both planes died. CREDIT TO PEOPLE WHO MADE THE MODELS. REMEMBER KIDS DON'T STARE AT WOMEN WHEN TAXIING AIRPLANES #747 #767 #boeing #crash #death #disaster #more_tags #nick #ok_thats_enough_tags #plane #sketchycat #tag #tags_and_more #terror
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