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Pencil - Blackwing 602

Pencil - Blackwing 602

"The best pencil ever made". Palomino Blackwing 602, my current wood pencil of choice. This pencil has a soft graphite and wax core, giving it a uniquly smooth, heavy feel. Becuase the lead formulation dates back over 70 years, the pencil is not rated in terms of hardness like other pencils, but I would esimate that it is similar to a 2B or 3B. The pencil's unusual ferrule holds a removable, square edged eraser. While the original blackwings are no longer produced, nearly identical "Palomino" Blackwing 602 reproductions are available. They maintain the famous "Half the pressure, twice the speed" slogan found on the originals. Due to their rarity, and high demand from users, original blackwings now sell for around $50 each. For more info on the world's greatest pencil: #602 #Blackwing #palomino #Pencil #Tesler
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