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fort indigo

fort indigo

this is a supremely strong fort that is seemingly inpenitrible. Only the strongest of the strongest of the strongest of the enemies could ever get past the cave entrance without gettting burned to cinder by the force field. But they would than be shot or arrested by the local troops. (This model is mainly the fort, pretend the troops are there.) It's also a top secret military base. Here is where most designing and experimenting goes on. Also Doome can't get in to blow my brains out :P Also, people who are authorized to enter have a badge that makes them invinsible to the forse fields....WAIT A MOMENT! DID DOOME PLAN TO BLOW MY BRAINS OUT IN REAL LIFE???? Hmph he don't even know me though so I don't think so. #big #cool #defense #doome #fort #gun #huge #military #sheild #strong #tough #troops
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