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Air Constantine/Delta Airlines Accident (1972)

Air Constantine/Delta Airlines Accident (1972)

EDIT (Put in the rating section of your air crash story!) EDIT--------On June 5, 1972, Air Constantine Flight 1443 (L-1011) was flying over the Atlantic Ocean. About 10 minutes after their last radio transmission, they booped off the radar, as did Delta Airlines flight 716 (Dc-10-10), It all starts earlier that day at London-Gatwick. Air Constantine Flight 1443 was just taking off, on course twords JFK. This particular aircraft was using our short lived (1971-1981) "Toothpaste Livery". At about the same time, Delta Airlines Flight 716 was taking off form JFK, heading twords Gatwick. About mid way over, Air Constantine spotted a small beacon (it being night, it looked farther away), this was delta 716. Suddenly, they see cabin lights, then bang. The l-1011s right wing sheared through the Dc-10s stabilizer and engine. The l-1011s wing breaks off, and suddenly plummets tword the ocean, the Dc-10 continued on for about 10 minutes, then the engines cut out, it stall and crashes into the ocean. The accident, to this day, is still unknown why it happened, but our fleet has kept the tristar strong.
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