[Dual Universe] ODY - Combat Fighter  "Vector"

[Dual Universe] ODY - Combat Fighter "Vector"

Name: Vector (HF-C2/1-N-BDE.LCE/NO-B05) Usage: Combat Class: Heavy Fighter Weaponry: 2 Missile depots (additional space for a minimum 4 more missiles) Rec. Crew Size: 1 Version: Beta 0.5 Description: The Vector is a heavy Bomber fighter, equipped with two large missile silos to unleash a heavy barrage of explosions on a concentrated area. It's designed to rip apart single targets or small areas through continuous fire with strong punching force. It's streamlined form and 4 thrusters allow the Vector to approach its target quickly and without taking critical hits to strike with maximum precision and cause heavy damage. The safe and precise approach to destroy a target make the Vector a tactically useful fighter to support both ground forces and larger fighters in any battle. #Combat #CVC #Dual_Universe
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