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Christmas in a DC Rowhouse

Christmas in a DC Rowhouse

I ran across this house while cruising thru Double E's collection of houses with "full interiors." I had never noticed this house before. While it's similar to Brad97's Victorian rowhouse that I worked in not too long ago, it has a more modern feel - I like the way it's layed out. I also liked the exposed brick, and extended that exposed brick into the kitchen - I think it gave it a really cool look. While "working" in the kitchen, I had created a shelf and was trying to find things to put on it. After creating a decorative souvenier-like plate to go on the shelf, I thought about creating a street name sign to put on the wall. So I went to Google Maps to look for a street name in Washington DC. Wouldn't ya know, by sheer chance I ended up spotting a house that looked exactly like BJ's Rowhouse - it was just in reverse. The front stoop even had that little 'jog' in it (which I took out). Since this house was on 4th Street, I decided that would be the street name that would go on the sign on the wall in the kitchen. On the first floor, I took out a closet and moved the powder room to under the steps so that I could use the extra space for the living area - hoping to fit in a small dining area also, but the renovation simply seemed to exacerbate the odd shape of that space. Despite the odd shape though, I think it turned out pretty good - especially in light of the fact that some of the space is taken up by the Christmas tree. I added an interior door to the vestibule, then moved front door to create space for coats and a shelf in the vestibule b/c I did away with the closet (along with the powder room) that was across from the stairs - all I left across from the stairs was the pantry. Because I moved the front door, I took the "elbow" out of the porch and made a straight entry up to the front door Go in and look around - there are 24 scenes to help! Anyone notice anything missing? Leave a comment with what you think might be missing from this house. CREDITS: "Rowhouse," by BJ (be sure to check out BJ's original model) ... https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/274a37e4d29eeed1a63b0f245fc0a429/Rowhouse "Cast-Iron Pedestal Sink," by Double E (3DWH) Closet organizer modelled after "Gorgeous Organization Starring the CLT Series," by ISS Designs (3DWH) Dishwasher modelled after a Bosch 24" Bar Handle Dishwasher "Fluorescent ceiling lamp 48 inches," by SketchUp Image on "souvenier plate," linen postcard published by B.S. Reynolds and produced by Miller Art Co. (circa unk, found on dc.curbed.com) Model, "Rowhouse," by BJ (3DWH) "Poinsettia 3D," by john S. (3DWH) Twin bed, an edited/embellished version of Sketchup's "Twin Size Bed 2" Posters and mural, wallpapercave.com Some of the pillows, by Sketchup Components originally in house created by BJ and Sketchup #house #furnished_house #full_interior #vintage #row_house #rowhouse #brownstone #greystone #townhouse #Washington_DC #Christmas #Christmas_decor #urban_living #city_house
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