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work out frame

work out frame

josh L.
This structure is just a base for a work out frame. The area with the most support is for a punching bag, I have design this structure to be able to with stand a 300 pound bag as well as pull up bars, feel free to edit, like you need my permission to do that. some time in the near future i plan on completeling the desing with and area to house wieghts and a bench press bar, as well include a plexy glass roof. IF anyone modifies this all i ask is that you up load your modification to the warehouse were i can find it, thank you build nation.| I made this design out of 4x4 lumber, it is 8 foot cube with uprights at the rear corners and center of the east and west runners. I plan on build this to support a final weight of 2000 pounds, i will be using several differect types of brackets to build this to make it as strong as possible. #bag #bars #complete #frame #modifyable #not #out #pull #punch #up #work
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