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Donegal - Planetary Space Station Class

Donegal - Planetary Space Station Class

Xavier C.
Deep Space Station - Donegal The Donegal was to be positioned at Aldebaran, but when the combined Fleets headed to Rigel to kick the Gar to the curb, the powers that be decided to send it there. Even though the station isn’t complete, the finishing touches can be applied while in orbit by station personnel. Estimates are it will take at least a year to complete the installation of all armament. There are four more stations planed, one is already under construction at Sacra Mensa. Weight: Classified Length: 12,000 meters Width: 12,000 meters Draft: 5,500 meters Crew Compliment: 12,000 Humans 1,250 Androids Weapons: Missile Launchers: Classified Torpedo Tubes: Classified Plasma Cannon: Classified Range: Unlimited (Limited by supplies onboard) * Copyright (c) 2013, 2016 - commercial use prohibited. #FOP #spaceship #spaceships
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