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Derafsh Kaviani

Derafsh Kaviani

The Derafsh Kaviani ((FA) درفش کاویانی - Drafš-e Kāvīān) was a banner used by the Sasanian kings; it is also called the "Banner of Jamshid" (Drafš-ī Jamshid), the "Farīdūn Banner" (Drafš-ī Freydun) or even the "Royal Banner" (Drafš-ī Kayi). Description The legendary Iran flag was constituted by a long rectangular leather band, adapted to remember the blacksmith apron Kaveh, the mythical hero of Persian mythology who led the uprising against the tyrant demon Zahak. The epic tale of the tenth century, the Shāh-Nāmeh, wants Kāveh to use his apron as a banner, to reassemble the people. After the defeat of the tyrant, the people decorated the apron with jewels and made the improvised banner, the symbol of resistance. Firdūsī quotes the leather apron as the symbol of Iranian independence and the spirit of resistance of the masses in the face of foreign invaders. The flag was decorated with bands of yellow, magenta and scarlet red silk. Meaning #iran #flag #kaviani #derafsh
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