a model of city by Yue Wu
Ipsys., Yue Wu. All Rights Reserved. digital design innovation and consultancy http://yuewu6.wixsite.com/yuewuandpartners yuewu6@yahoo.com Structure and System. Standard Process. Innovation. Environment. Quality Minimalism New Opportunities. Modular City. New Industries. Value Added. Leading Ideas. New Media. Movie. Ad and Creatives. Strategic Consultancy. Assurance. 丰实 COSMO VIRTUE MODO. 想为先 行致远 VIRTUE EUGO new value-added loop, design, SME, consultancy, self-media, investment/investment mgmt strategies, multiple, business travel, creatives deal! a value-added circulation ecosystem direct invest, high level, loop, resource ow, asset ow, unique and creative, independent treasure and system
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