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BiMUp 5D - SketchUp Units Template
BiMUp 5D - SketchUp Units Template
BiMUp for Sketchup
Created 6/17/2015 | 0 Likes
<b><font size="5">BiMUp for SketchUp | BiM for Everyone</font></b> <b><font size="5">using BiMUp and SketchUp as a BIM platform</font></b> <b>Takeoff Report in PDF or Excel Format Visit our Website to <a href="" target="_blank">download our 14 Days, Fully Functional Trial Version of BiMUp 5D</a></b> <b><font size="5">BiMUp 5D for SketchUp Units Template</font></b> <b><font size="3">Units: Meters</font></b> <b><font size="3">Units: Millimeters</font></b> <b><font size="3">Units: Feet</font></b> <b><font size="3">Units: Inches/Decimal</font></b> <b>BiMUp Limited Team</b>