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Profile Builder Official Assemblies
Profile Builder Official Assemblies
Created 9/11/2018 | 0 Likes
Profile Builder is considered by many SketchUp users to be a must-have plugin. It allows you to create and share parametric smart-assemblies such as the ones contained in this collection. Any of these assemblies can be downloaded, customized, and built along a custom path in your model. There are two ways to load an Assembly Component into Profile Builder: 1) Insert the Assembly Component into your model using the SketchUp Component window. Then, use the PB Assembler eye-dropper to sample the component to load the assembly settings into the dialog. 2) Download the SKP file of an Assembly Component. Move the file to your preferred Assembly library folder on your computer. Navigate to the this file using the PB Assembler browser and then click to load. Assemblies are just one of the many incredibly useful tools inside Profile Builder. #profile #builder #official #assemblies #assembly #parametric #dynamic #bim #pb