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Dialma Brown
Dialma Brown
Lena B.
Created 12/16/2013 | 0 Likes
The home maketh the man. Home is that feeling of being at home. Dialma Brown collects materials, ideas and expressions and puts them together to create unforgettable furnishings, stories in wood, iron, material, journeys, life stories. Country, vintage, industrial, loft, urban and shabby-chic. There is no single name to identify the Dialma Brown style. The essence of the style comes from a mixture of materials, shapes and colours created from a particular search that then becomes a design, a space, an item of furniture. Dialma Brown design is an unmistakable sign that recalls voyages to distant lands, tales from the city, horizons that have been discovered but not explored. Dialma Brown is a collection of stories. The alphabet is written by skilful craftsmen in wood and materials. Poetry maketh the man. His many lives, past, present and future.