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Hanging Room Divider Facet
Hanging Room Divider Facet
Created 11/2/2016 | 0 Likes
Introduction Hanging Room Divider Facet is the ultimate space dividing system which makes it possible to play with light and shadow. The diamond shapes can rotate separately and create beautiful patterns. Customizing your hanging room divider is easy You can choose the color and size and once you have it installed, you can change the pattern and adjust the amount of transparency that it provides. Bloomming’s Facet consists of a modular system, it is available in any desired size and can be used as a partitioning room divider or in front of a window instead of using blinds. The system consists of three basic elements; the attachment mechanism, the frame and the facets. It is easy to install, but also to disassemble and reassemble when you feel like changings things up a bit. Applicable Our hanging room divider, Facet, can be used in so many different settings: from hotels, restaurants, boutiques and salons to private homes, offices, museums and showrooms. Materials Hanging Room Divider Facet is designed to be a sustainable product. We only use high-quality materials that are strong and durable to ensure the longevity of everything we create. The smart clicking system not only makes it easy to assemble this room divider, it also makes taking it apart effortless. The whole screen can be taken apart, separating all the different materials that make up the hanging room divider. This makes it possible to fully recycle Facet or to reuse specific parts of it. The diamond-shaped facets are injection- molded PC/ABS products. We chose this material because it is fire retardant (UL94 V-0), UV resistant and antistatic. The framework that holds the facets consists of an aluminum tube and injection-molded NYLON connection parts. These parts are also fire retardant (meets the UL94 standard), and UV resistant. The attachment mechanism can either consist of brushed stainless steel or white powder-coated aluminum. Attachment Facet can be attached to almost any type of ceiling. The standard attachment element will leave 23cm of space between the ceiling and the beginning of the hanging room divider screen. We offer the possibility to adjust the amount of space according to the requirements of your project. The attachment system is available in brushed stainless steel or in white powder- coated aluminum. Patterns Facet’s unique adjustable design enables you to change the way it looks in your space. The individual pieces that make up the screen, can be turned around. By doing this you can change the pattern slightly to get a unique effect. More information at #Color #Curtain #Design #Divider #Hanging #Hotel #Kamerscherm #Office #Partition #Raumtrenner #Restaurant #Room #Roomdivider #Salon #Scheidingswand #Screen #Spa #Space_Divider #Trennung #Vorhang #Wall #White