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WITT Kitchen - European Kitchen & Bath Furniture
WITT Kitchen - European Kitchen & Bath Furniture
Witt Kitchen
Created 1/10/2017 | 0 Likes
Adapted to North American standard European cabinets with extensive choice of finishes and colors. 100% made in Europe, with most up-to-date design and technology, ready to be used and fitted to US appliances and measurements. In all our models we use American measurements system (inches). All our models are prepared directly by the manufacturer – by us, and are the result of work of an experienced team of designers, engineers and craftsmen, who know the product from the idea phase and design, through manufacturing, to the installation at client’s house. We also use the DYNAMIC COMPONENTS that makes the models highly interactive with changing of door styles, handles and measurements. Choice of wall, base and tall cabinets, as well as materials and handles, give endless design opportunities for a designer at any level of experience and allow to design a kitchen interior specifically suited to the needs. To gain access to our PREMIUM (extended) base of models and materials, go to our website, register and download it (for free). ***REAL KITCHENS READY TO ORDER*** Our kitchens are real and for sale! Now you can easily turn your design into reality. After you finish your projects with our models, you can receive a price estimate to order the kitchen directly from the manufacturer. Simply send us the project with cabinets list and information about the materials you want to use and we will get back to you with the estimate. To receive your price estimate e-mail: office@wittkitchen.com #bath #bathroom #cabinet #cabinetry #cabinets #commercial_cabinet #component #configurable #configure #contemporary #custom #custom_cabinets #customize #dc #door #dynamic #dynamic_component #euro_cabinets #eurocabinets #european #furniture #interact #island #kitchen #Kitchen_design #modern #on_click #onclick #parametric #transition #transitional #witt #Witt_Database #Witt_Kitchen #witt_kitchens