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Created 4/12/2018 | 0 Likes
意大利有态度的艺术家具设计品牌 Driade, The Art of Living。创办于1968年,严谨又理性的设计风潮逐渐开始流行。直到今天,Driade一直走在潮流前端。前卫的、花哨的、充满戏剧性的,这些大胆的元素用在Driade的产品设计上一点都不突兀,反而觉得,嗯,它就该是这个样子。 driade是一个不断寻找生活空间中的美丽的审美实验室,广阔的driade目录包括家庭,花园和公共空间家具。艺术品和日常用品,灵魂相互融合。这一切使得driade在设计界独树一帜。美学实验室是将实验引入大规模生产产品的结果。在每个产品中寻找创意都构成了企业自身的使命。 driade创造独特,折衷,古怪的产品,但优雅,永恒,最重要的是,快乐。在这种表达方式和感觉的炼金术中,每个人都会发现一个看起来像他的水滴。 生活艺术的基础是折衷主义,融合文化,好奇心和惊喜是我们时代真正的本质。 倾听的倾向,警觉的状态,注意注册外部标志,然后将其转化为日常产品。 渗透差异使driade项目面向未来。 driade否认全球化的平坦性,但却抓住了地方多元化和ides发展带来的新鲜感。 driade is an aesthetic lab in continuous search for beauty in living space. the vast driade catalogue includes home, garden and public spaces furniture. pieces of art and objects for daily use, souls that blend each other harmoniously. all this makes driade unique in design world. the aesthetic lab is the result of the desire to introduce experimentation into mass-produced products. the search for creativity in each product constitutes the mission of the enterprise itself. driade creates products that are unique, eclectic, eccentric but at the same time elegant, timeless and, above all, joyful. within this alchemy of means of expression and sensations, everyone finds a driade that it looks like him. the art of living is based on the idea that eclecticism, blend of cultures, curiosity and surprise are the true essence of our age. a bent for listening, a state of alert, an attention to register the signs coming from outside and then translate them into daily products. being permeable to differences makes driade project one that is open to the future. driade denies the flatness of globalization but grasps at the freshness coming from the multiplication of places and the development of ides.