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Tetryonics v2 3D Atomic Elements
Tetryonics v2 3D Atomic Elements
Rene C.
Created 12/9/2013 | 0 Likes
this collection contains the common Tetryonic elements of the periodic table slated for release on Dec. 11, 2013. allotropes and isotopes will be added as needed and as time permits in 2014. all models were created with SketchUp 8 [free version], and include a mutlilayered toggleable system that includes an 8 level Cormier Grid to aide in compound creation. a description, video, or 'how to' will be accessible at a later date explaining how to use the Cormier Grid system to create compounds. these models are free to download for educational and non-commercial purposes only. ****************************************************** Tetryonics is copyright protected - Kelvin Abraham 2012