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Cessna Aircraft Company are an American manufacturer of planes, going from small eenmotorige tweezitters to matter jets. The company has established in Wichita (Kansas). The origin of the company lies in June 1911, then Clyde Cessna, a farmer Rago in Kansas, a plane developed with wood and sail. It was however its cousin, Dwane Wallace, who would ensure most the success of the company. In 1924, Cessna went together with Lloyd C. Stearman and for the H. Beech to form co. Travel air Manufacturing, a firma which built biplanes in Wichita. In 1927, Cessna Travel left air to establish its own company, Cessna Aircraft Company, and eendekkers to build. Cessna Aircraft Company had close the doors from 1932 up to 1934 by the weak economy. In 1934, Dwane Wallace using took over its brother Dwight the company and started the company to a steady rise to worldwide success. After the second world war Cessna launched 170 - which became with later models such as 172 the most sold light plane from the history. Cessna were bought up in 1985, General Dynamics, and in the year then it stopped with making cilinder-aangedreven planes because of doubts concerning the reliability. In 1992, Textron Cessna bought, and started short afterwards with the production of light planes.