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Muharraq Governorate - محافظة المحرقحافظة المح
Muharraq Governorate - محافظة المحرقحافظة المح
Created 7/29/2009 | 0 Likes
The Muharraq Governorate (Arabic: محافظة المحرق‎; transliterated: Muhafazat al-Muharaq) is one of the five governorates of Bahrain. It includes parts of the municipalities of Al Hadd and Al Muharraq. The centre of Muharraq contains some of the oldest residential properties in the Kingdom, many of which have been rented out by their Bahraini owners to expatriate workers. There are also many buildings of historic interest in the town's crowded lanes, including the Shaikh Isa bin Ali House, Siyadi House, the wind towers, and the neighbourhood of journalist Abdullah Al Zayed House, as well as the impressive Arad Fort.