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Omni-55 is without a doubt our most popular profile and thé go-to frame solution for the exhibit industry. This frame is only 55 mm thick and fits both fabric and panel on both sides of the profile. Panels are attached with velcro, while fabrics are attached with a 15 mm silicone welt. The Omni-55 system allows the user to span a single fabric across multiple frames, creating a completely seamless result. It is also possible to use panel and fabric simultaneously on the same side of a frame wall, combining the rigidity of a panel with the seamless cover of a fabric. The profiles come with 30 mm holes set in a 62 mm grid, allowing for endless connection possibilities, creating the ultimate modular solution for the exhibit industry. Toolless connectors are available to attach Omni-55 frames to each other and to other profiles in almost any possible way. A wide range of accessories and finishes completes the Omni-55 product family.