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Runde fyr
Runde fyr
Martin K.
Created 4/7/2011 | 0 Likes
The beacon round fyr is situated on the west-Norwegian island Runde. It is operating since 1767 and thus the fourth-oldest beacon in Norway. From 1767 to 1825 the beacon consisted only of a coal or peat fire, which burned in an iron pot. Since it was difficult to hold the fire with rains and storm at burning in 1825 a stone tower with beacon on the rock Kvalnes was established. 1858 was likewise a 27 m high iron tower established on Kvalnes. The beacon was generated by an oil lamp with magnifying glass. An electrically operated beacon was established 1935 something elevated at the mountain-slope. Up to its automation in the year 2002, the beacon was supervised by a lighthouse keeper, who inhabited the the buildings something underneath the lighthouse. The old iron tower on Kvalnes was cleared away up to the lower iron ring which is to be seen up to today. The light house has a headlight range of 18.9 nautical miles. Something underneath the lighthouse is a small, well received shelter from the 2nd world war. The shelter was used bye the German occupying forces as an observation post. The lighthouse and associated farm buildings are under monument protection. (Wikipedia)