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By working closely with ergonomists, Verco have designed the Ergoform chair to control pelvic rotation, automatically. This encourages the spine to adopt its natural ‘S’ shaped curvature, gently supporting the pelvic girdle and reducing the tendency of the pelvis to rotate when the user sits down. This combination of pelvic and spinal support characteristics generates a supremely comfortable chair, which provides superior back support and the possibility of a reduction in the incidence of back pain. Ergoform’s ergonomic qualities have been formally recognised and the range was certified to the European ergonomic standard BS ISO 9241: part 5:1999 and awarded the FIRA ergonomic excellence award in 2004. Ergoform operator chairs are certified to BS 5459: part 2: 2000: test level ‘S’ #castors #height_adjustable_arms #office_chair #operators_chair