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coated foam furniture
coated foam furniture
Frederik V.
Created 11/22/2010 | 0 Likes
Since 2003 FEEK has been the pioneer and manufacturer of COATED FOAM in all its applications. The Original FEEK foamcoating is known as “ROCK FACE” and makes use of the latest developments in the field of coating and 3D foam and surface techniques. FEEK COATED FOAM is a range of polyurethane-based lacquer systems, which can be used in a flexible, functional and futuristic manner. It’s a material that will take on any shape, which can be supplied tailor-made regardless of the project and which is easy to maintain. Like a chameleon, it adapts to any architecture, whether for interior, shop or hotel designs, acoustic panels or visual projects. Starting with a simple hocker up to snake-like sofa, lounge furniture, room dividers, daybeds etc..... FEEK FOAMCOATING designs can also be tailor made for your project! we look forward any challenge starting with a quantity as from 1 unit!. FEEK FOAMCOATING is available in standard colors and on special request all RAL / SIKKENS and NCS colors can be provided.