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The Sly Table series is illusory, tricking the viewer�s eye. Although the table surface appears to be angled, it is perfectly level. Sly is a crafted, light-scale occasional table series with a simple, unbalanced approach. The edge detailing creates a sense of non-conformity to traditional norms. Surface materials include linoleum, laminate, veneer and back-painted glass. An exposed plywood edge detail is featured with linoleum tops. The unique base design incorporates three diameters and heights, comprising Side, Occasional and Coffee Tables. Various base sizes increase visual interest in a setting when multiple Sly tables are specified, and enable the overlapping and nesting of tables. The materiality of the inset top, in combination with an expansive base palette, allows designers to create iconic lounge, greeting or public settings. #Furniture #Layout #Occasional #Side #Coffee #tables #StudioTK #Typical #Rec Tables