Ann Arbor, MI:  DDA Untextured Buildings
Ann Arbor, MI: DDA Untextured Buildings
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Extruded building footprints are set to the correct height. These simple structures create a backdrop for viewing skylines and general urban form. They offer a challenge to others to acquire photographic textures and make the buildings more recognizable. They are a beginning. The single model containing all buildings is to be used in Google Earth; it is correctly set against the terrain. Smaller groupings of buildings are for use in SketchUp and will need to be adjusted against terrain. The files contain a reference to a coordinate system in their name. A file with 2N3E is a block of the DDA two blocks north of the intersection centroid of Main and Huron Streets and 3 blocks to the east of the location. All models were created by Sandra Lach Arlinghaus.